by George and Emily

The angry Datsun

There is an old decommissioned bridge on our way to work.  The highway department was getting ready to tear it down (or were clearing up around it) and  I went to get pictures of this horribly terrifying thing (I try my hardest to avoid dilapidated bridges).  As I drove up, I found this Datsun 510 that had been pulled from the ravine below the bridge.  It obviously had been there forever, and seeing it, looking inside it, really made me wonder about the turn of events that put it there.  Was a crash the reason the bridge was decommissioned?  Why was this car not pulled out before now?  Who are the people associated with it?

The “eyes” of the car stood out to me; the angry “eyebrow” demonstrated what a car might be feeling when run off a bridge and left to rot at the bottom of a ravine…if cars could feel.



Destroyed Datsun


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