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George is watching me

Emily’s first post!!

We were heading outside to take some shots one day and I was playing around.  George looked deep into the lens and I snapped this shot.  If you look real hard, you can see me in his eye…

This leering eye is as close as I’ve seen to my mom’s famous “hairy eyeball” – the one that would make you spill your guts about all the bad things you’ve done.  Real spooky!


George is watching me

A morning stop

On the way to work for a few weeks we have been seeing a couple of hawks sitting high atop some power poles.  They are usually a couple of miles apart.  Anyway one morning we decided to stop on the way to work and try to get some images.

Here a image of one of these red-tailed hawks.





Emily shot this longhorn while we were on a scenic drive




Hello and welcome to our brand new photo blog

Hello to all our new visitors!

We’re beginning an adventure into professional photography.  So far our focus has been around animals and landscape.  We’re also looking at more modern imaging, more abstract.  In the beginning you’ll see a lot of our dogs, birdfeeders, and even ourselves.  But things will become diverse as we expand our portfolio.

We hope you enjoy watching our journey into professional photography.

George and Emily

Here is a picture of Fred in action for starters. =)